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Callie Jean


To the cozy coven of callie.jean collections, it is SO LOVELY to have you here!

It is my intention and hope that you find something within these pages that truly ignites your soul, resonates, and moves you as though a piece was written especially for YOU.

My name is Callie Jean, and I am a woman of deep passion, love and vision. I am a Mother to three INCREDIBLE little humans, a wife to a very hilarious and loving husband, and a lover of creating epic shit. I adore bringing my visions to life through this incredibly soul-aligned business, and I feel so grateful that you have landed on this page. 

callie.jean collections was born from my love of writing unique poetry pieces, and evolving them into beautiful creative prints for the home and heart. I have been writing from a very young age and find the ritual of writing and creating so therapeutic and soul igniting. It still warms my heart to read old diaries full of poetry and musings from my younger years and it makes so much sense now that my true calling has always been through writing and creative play. Full circle, as the Universe always intends.

2020 had me feeling all of the feels, and all of a sudden I had an overwhelming urge to bring my creations to life in print form, ready to adorn hearts and homes all over the country. And so I did just that, I took a leap of faith and left my limiting beliefs behind me the moment I committed to bringing my vision to life. I am SO grateful I followed my heart, as I know with every fibre of my being that my writing and creative passions now feel like they are truly home.

I truly hope you find something special here at CJC. Each and every piece is created with intent, unique shine and heart. I believe the print that was meant for you is waiting to be claimed with love by you, here among these pages. Thank you for contributing to my vision and hopes by simply being here, I appreciate you.

big heart,
Callie Jean xx
Now let's find the perfect piece that was created
just for you.
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