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It's Time to Take The Time.

Breathe in, breathe out. Woosah. Give me more of that Marcus Burnett.

Anyone else feeling the pulls of all.the.things of late? Yeah, me too.

I love our life, I am so grateful for our lifestyle, our family and all of the abundance we have in our lives and around us. But there are times when things just feel downright wild. And I've been feelin' it these last few weeks. I have *nearly* finished our pretty intricate *life admin* for 2021. School enrolments, new day-care seeking, confirming re-vamped insurances, business forecasting and lots of other exciting stuff. And then we also do life amongst all of the organising.

So, instead of buying myself a one way ticket to burnout town, I've really changed things up a bit around here.

I've been asking for more HELP and more SUPPORT. Also since launching Callie.jean collections, there has been a new family dynamic, with my husband really stepping up with the kids over the weekends to give me the space and time I need to create, fulfil orders and deliver custom services. And I am so appreciative. I am so appreciative of the extra support I have received, and I'm actually really proud of asking for more support, its never been my strength. But I now consider it one of my superpowers.

So, the whole purpose of this journal entry is to let you guys in on a few little soul replenishing rituals I incorporate into my mornings that truly help me get through the more "wild days", and enable me to have more patience and squeeze the juice out of each day.

First things first, we are all humans with human needs. As a Mum to three little loves under 5, I do a lot of lovin' and caring and doing. I am in the trenches of the days that roll into nights. It's my season right now. And I'm okay with that. I am grateful for that. But it still doesn't mean I don't get to take some time out for myself. Some of the things I LOVE to do, especially of a morning before the kids wake, to really fill my cup, restore my energy and get me into a positive mindset are;


Oh don't roll your eyes at me sister, this shit works. I am a much nicer human after just 10 minutes of meditation. I use the the 1 Giant Mind App. If you have been resistant to try meditation, please, give it a go.


Given the nature of callie.jean collections, writing is a part of me. It soothes my soul. Journaling and writing have been an important ritual of mine since I was a child. Its therapeutic and brings out some of my best magic. It doesn't have to be complicated. Write intuitively, let your heart translate through your hands and see what comes out onto the page. You can write a gratitude list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. You can script your dream life, feeling every part of the story you are writing, and then reading it everyday until suddenly you find it becoming your reality. Don't underestimate the power of writing, it can change your perspective and even your life, in just a few short weeks. Consistency is key, and so is inspired action. Don't over complicate it. Google has plenty of journaling prompt ideas to get started.


I adore moving my body, I love feeling strong and it moves any stagnant energy that needs to move on out to make room for the good stuff. I love strength yoga and body-weight training. I do all my movement from home before the kids wake up. Sometimes I I move for 7 minutes, sometimes I move for 15 minutes.YouTube has the most amazing videos that are at our finger tips that require barely any equipment. I love Yoga with Adriene. She doesn't know it, but we are BFF.

Affirmation/Oracle Cards

I LOVE pulling a few cards of a morning, right after journaling. The clarity and messages that come through are so in alignment with what's happening in my life, and it's such a powerful way to receive divine messages that were meant just for me.

A juicy cup of coffee

Whatever your preference is for a morning brew, I believe it tastes even better in the early morning light when all you can hear are the birds (or construction noise) outside your window. I adore coffee, and drinking my morning cup of coffee is something I truly relish. It's by far the best tasting cup of the day. Its the small things for me that feel the most special.

Reading a few pages of a book

Oh this shit makes me feel like I'm on a holiday. Even just reading 2 pages of a book in the morning feels so indulgent to me. Sounds crazy, but it does. Try it for yourself.

It doesn't matter whether you take 15 minutes out of your morning before the day, or a whole hour. Incorporate a ritual that replenishes your soul, we all have different needs and preferences. What I wish for YOU is that you honour yourself with even just 5 minutes of your own time before you start filling everyone else's cup. You can literally sit up in your bed, write a few sentences in your diary, plug your ear phones in to take refuge in a heart-hugging meditation, or enjoy a cup of your favourite brew in bed. It's important, and so are you. You are worthy. So love on YOURSELF, today, tomorrow and forever. Don't make it complicated, but please, take the time, to take the time.

Big Heart

Callie Jean

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